Welcome to the website of Hairbraidingsalon Jerry (Vlechtsalon Jerry)


 The home hairsalon where you can learn to braid hair.

A 4,5 hour workshop for mothers, hairstylists/make-up artists and others.

Learn all hairbraiding techniques in one day!

I also give one-hour workshops and you decide what you want to learn.




I am a safe hairdresser for long hair trims. I never cut more than you want me to! 

 I am always looking for longhaired models for hairbraiding photoshoots! 
 It is so much fun!! Are you interested? It's free! Check out the  model page
I also buy long hair. For more info click here .
Hairbraidingsalon Jerry is located in Amstelveen (Westwijk) in The Netherlands.
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