Welcome to the website of Hairbraidingsalon Jerry (Vlechtsalon Jerry)


 The home hairsalon where you can learn to braid hair.

A 4,5 hour workshop for mothers, hairstylists/make-up artists and others.

Learn all hairbraiding techniques in one day!

I also give one-hour workshops and you decide what you want to learn.




I am a safe hairdresser for long hair trims. I never cut more than you want me to!


 I am always looking for longhaired models for hairbraiding photoshoots! 
 It is so much fun!! Are you interested? It's free! Check out the model page
 Click here for braiding examples
Hairbraidingsalon Jerry is located in Amstelveen (Westwijk) in The Netherlands.
All info at Info/route page.
To see available days for appointments click here.
Vlechtsalon Jerry is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam
under number 70594082.
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