Selling your long hair.

I am frequently asked if I want to buy long hair. This happens when ladies are fed up with their long hair and want a radical change. And the fact that they can get money for it is also a plus. It is however a rather drastic decision so think it over very carefully and at least wait about two weeks. It takes years to grow it back once you regret the cut. Naturally I am a long hair promotor so sometimes I have mixed feelings about cutting off long hair, but it is always the owners decision!



A little more about the requirements.

Black hair is the most common haircolor in the world. Originally (and in general) blond, brown and red hair was only found in Europe. And black hair is offered the most. Lightblond hair is offered the least and that is why there is a difference in prices.

What am I looking for?

For now, I am looking for blond, brown and red colors starting from about 20 inches (50 cm) or longer. The hair must be all one length (preferably no layering) and must have a very healthy look. No grey, dyed,  bleached or permed hair. I prefer to cut it myself but if you are just too far away and have it cut in a salon nearby, you can ask me if I am interested in buying your hair by sending good quality pictures of your hair, with a good describtion. It is also important to send the hair secured with hairbands and put it in a ziploc bag ans send it at least in a padded envelope. Payments are done after receiving and checking the hair so please include your payment details. I pay by normal online banking.


Human hair is often offered on auction websites, for extensions, dollmakers and of course there are collectors. The prices I offer are marketprices that are paid for long hair and also what hair donation foundations name as a value for hair that is processed (hair in stock has no value yet). Wigmakers also buy hair but they just offer 10 to 15 euro per 100 gram, wich is far less. Assuming you hair is about 20 inches long in blond or brown it will raise between 80 and 150 euros. The longer the hair is, the more the value will be and also color, weight and quality will be of influence. Hair with lengths of about 16 or 17 inches may also be offered. You are always welcome to visit for info or just to have a look in the salon. Just let me know first (app me).

Before cutting your hair I like to make some pictures of your hair first, just to show the beauty, the length and I always enjoy doing some braidpictures. You will receive the pictures on a 8Gb USB stick. It is great fun and I; m sure you will like it too!


You can send pictures to:

or WhatsApp me at: 


If you want to see who sold her hair to me sofar  just click here!

(sorry, it is in dutch language, I will translate this page as soon as possible). 


What will happen with your hair?

Your hair will remain here as part of a collection. It will not be sold. It is my intention to create a sort of long hair museum. I have many longhaired friends and some of them told me to start a longhair museum when they entered my salon. Some of them even sold their hair to me. People that come here are always very supprised to see all that beautiful hair! They love it and are always very interested in hearing the stories! All hair will be dispayed in showcases. I might even considder a digital photobook about it.

If you wish to donate your hair to my museum that is also possible. You can send your hair to Vlechtsalon Jerry with a note with your first name, age, where you are from and your story about the hair. The address is below. I will send you photos when it is on display.


Vlechtsalon Jerry longhair museum

Ockenburgh 6

1187GV  Amstelveen

The Netherlands.