Hello and welcome to my website,


My name is Jerry and I am a part-time hairdresser. I love everything about hair and I also give hairbraiding workshops. Many professional hairstylists and make-up artists have also done my workshop, as also many mothers and fathers. I started this because there was a market for it and it is so much fun! What I even love more is having models here for hairbraiding photoshoots! It is free and all photos are put on a memorystick for the model.



Since I moved to Amstelveen in 2009 I have more space for my salon. The main activity is giving the hairbraiding workshops but I also do haircuts, trims and I just love to do hairbraiding photoshoots with long hair models! I am also the only salespoint in the Netherlands for TEK hairbrushes. These are the best for long hair!


In January 2022 I can finally stop working so I will have more time for my hairsalon.


The blond model on my website asked me years ago to grow my own hair long so I did.